Fan Petition to Bring Back Morbius in Theaters for the Third Time Gets 25,000 Signatures

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Jared Leto's debut as the blood-sucking antihero Morbius encountered a massive backlash even before the film made it to the big screens. Critics and fans blasted the film, while the box office receipts indicate a major flop. On the brighter side, fans have surprisingly become ecstatic about the film by making it the latest meme sensation. The film earned so much attention that Sony ultimately decided to bring Morbius back to theaters for a second screening.

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However, it looks like fans want a third-round for Jared Leto's Morbius.

The petition was made by Ian Hinden, who seems to be very enthusiastic to see Jared Leto's antihero on the big screens for the third time. According to the user, fans were all busy during the weekend and weren’t able to see the film for the second time. Here’s what the petition creator wrote:

"Dear Sony,

This weekend, excited fans across the world had the chance to once again see Morbius in the theaters. While this was an awesome opportunity, there was one problem:

We were all busy this weekend.

Some of us were washing our hair, some of us had to study, and some of us had just already made other plans.

Please don't interpret this as disinterest on our part. If you were to once again release Morbius in theaters, just let us know, and we will be there for sure.

Unless something comes up.


Fans of the Movies"

Fans show support for the petition by commenting on what kept them occupied during the weekend, while others are just genuinely sad that they missed the special screening.

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Though Sony hasn't yet announced if Morbius will be re-released in theaters for the third time, if the petition accumulates more signatures, Sony may consider and a third 'Morbin time' might still happen.

If you want to see Morbius on the big screens again, you can sign the petition here.

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