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Fake WandaVision Merch Featuring Show's Potential Villain Goes Viral and Fools Fans

Credit: Marvel Studios

Not a lot of people give the show enough credit for it but WandaVision has been so good at leaving a lot of fans guessing as to who exactly the show's main villain is. Of course, there are several clues here and there but as the series progresses, Marvel Studios seems to divert its viewers and tease that there are several baddies that wreak havoc in Westview.

One of the most popular theories, of course, revolves around the iconic Marvel villain Mephisto who is no stranger to Wanda Maximoff. In fact, Marvel's own version of the devil shares a lot of history with the Scarlet Witch, and at one point, he was even responsible for the creation of Maximoff's twin children Billy and Tommy who were both later reincarnated.

Now, fake merchandise art is making the rounds all over social media and it seems to confirm that the show's real villain is in fact Mephisto. The said merch is a Minimates two-pack featuring Maximoff and the show's potential main villain. Check it out here:

At first glance, it looks pretty convincing and identical to the toy's actual packaging but fans should not be fooled because it's far from the real deal. We can confirm that the said packaging art is fake and is just a fanmade image. Diamond Select Toys' Zach Oat verified through Marvelous News that the image didn't come from the Minimates manufacturer.

We still don't know where the image originated from but it's worth pointing out that fans shouldn't believe everything they see online unless it's authentic. As for Mephisto's arrival to the franchise, the remaining episodes of the hit MCU series will definitely answer all of our questions.

WandaVision airs new episodes every Friday on Disney+.

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