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Is If You Wish Upon Me on Viki, Netflix, iQIYI, or Disney Plus in English Sub? Where to Watch and Stream the Kdrama's Episodes Free Online

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Credit: VIU SINGAPORE/YouTube Screenshot

Where can K-drama fans watch Ji Chang Wook’s new series, If You Wish Upon Me? Here is the updated list so far!

Where To Watch K-Drama If You Wish Upon Me?

Ji Chang Wook will soon offer a tear-jerking drama with the arrival of If You Wish Upon Me. His K-drama, featuring veteran star Sung Dong Il, was inspired by a real-life organization in Netherlands wherein terminal cancer patients can make wishes.

It explores the life of a young man who goes to a hospice hospital following a community service order. He joins the hospital’s staff and helps it fulfill people’s wishes near the last days of their lives.

Aside from Ji Chang Wook and Sung Dong Il, the K-drama also features SNSD’s Choi Sooyoung, Yang Hee Kyung, Gil Hae Yeon, Yoo Soon Woong, Jeon Chae Eun, Park Jung Pyo, Won Ji An, Nam Tae Hoon, Park Sejun, Park Jin Joo, and Nam Kyung Joo. Kim Shin Rok also confirmed her special appearance in the drama.

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Is K-drama If You Wish Upon Me on Netflix?

Unfortunately, the streaming giant does not have If You Wish Upon Me on its catalog yet. Whether Netflix will soon add the K-drama remains unknown, but fans can enjoy some of the series Ji Chang Wook on the website.

The actor’s recent hit musical drama, The Sound of Magic, is still available on Netflix. Lovestruck in the City, Suspicious Partner, and The K2 can still be watched, as well.

Fans can avail themselves of these Netflix subscription plans to watch the shows: basic ($8.99), standard ($13.99), and premium ($17.99).

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Is K-drama If You Wish Upon Me on Viu?

Viu is currently the best pick to watch If You Wish Upon Me. Viu, a Hong Kong-based video streaming provider, releases any series’ episodes eight hours after the show’s original telecast.

Ji Chang Wook’s upcoming drama will be available for streaming on the site in the selected regions.

Premium users can get exclusive content hours after the show’s original release without ad interruption. One can also opt to download unlimited episodes in full HD.

Free users are also welcome to the website. They can access exclusive content after 72 hours and even download one SD episode.

Is K-drama If You Wish Upon Me on Viki?

Viki already confirmed that If You Wish Upon Me would be available on the website in the selected region. For those who want to watch it without ads or interruptions can avail of Premium Viki Pass. It is billed for $4.99/monthly. Subscribers can also pay it annually for $9.99 for Standard Access and $49.99 for Premium Access.

Is If You Wish Upon Me on Disney Plus?

If You Wish Upon Me did not make it to the Disney Plus catalog – as of now.

While waiting for the site’s potential move on the series, fans can binged-watch several Korean shows on the platform for now, including Outrun by Running Man, Snowdrop, and Rookie Cops.

Is If You Wish Upon Me on iQIYI?

iQiyi has been home to Ji Chang Wook’s dramas, but If You Wish Upon Me will not be available on the platform. The actor’s fans can watch his past series, though, including Backstreet Rookie, Melting Me Softly, Suspicious Partner, Healer, and The K2.

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