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Extraordinary Attorney Woo Production Company AStory Expects Massive Popularity in Hit K-drama Series Franchise

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The success of K-drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo is expected to continue savoring success as it plans to expand its franchise.

ENA achieved a historic feat when it released Extraordinary Attorney Woo on its network and Netflix. The Park Eun Bin-led K-drama is about Woo Young Woo, a lawyer diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Despite that, she scores the chance to work at a large law firm. However, her emotional intelligence and poor social skills affect her life.

Since its fruitful run, the K-drama series became an inspiration for a musical. Its creators also expressed their desire to release a season 2.

The production company, AStory, recently reflected on how this success would soon bring positive news to the whole franchise.

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo Will Continue To Be Popular, AStory Says

CEO and co-founder of AStory Lee Sang Baek participated in a written interview with The Korea Times, wherein he talked about their next steps in the Extraordinary Attorney Woo franchise.

He hinted at the upcoming remakes of the drama, with the one in the U.S. their top priority.

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"Our priority right now is the U.S. remake of the series, because of its huge market!" he said. "There are about 10 other countries (considering doing a remake). At the end of last year, the webcomic adaptation was launched in the U.S. and we saw a positive outcome. And we also have a musical adaptation underway."

Lee Sang Baek added that the franchise continues to receive offers. Although he could not name them, he revealed how they made him expect the greatest success of all time.

AStory, the series' production company, was founded in 2004. It also worked in other hit shows, including Signal, Kingdom and SNL Korea.

How Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Other Netflix K-dramas Found Success Because of Kingdom

Netflix introduced its first-ever Korean original series, Kingdom, years ago.

As AStory was the one to produce the series, seeing its process reportedly helped Lee Sang Baek to understand the market and create the most appealing content.

"Success, here, means popularity from the public, to begin with," he went on. "A series should also have an artistic value and be recognized for the depth of its story, and its message about society should be relatable. As I saw the list of nominees, I could grasp why those nominated works deserved to be applauded."

He then expressed his gratitude toward Netflix for giving Extraordinary Attorney Woo more chances and experiences, including its appearances in different U.S.' award nominees lists.

The CEO noted that the company would unceasingly seek unique content while transforming the company into a major player in the industry.

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