Explosive New James Bond Trailer Focuses on The Women of No Time To Die in Action

The premiere of No Time to Die is only a few months away and luckily, we have a new look at what to expect this November. The new trailer for the upcoming James Bond film puts the focus on the women who can easily give 007 a run for his money when it comes to explosive action scenes.

The trailer opens with Bond confronting a rampaging car on a bridge which he narrowly escapes by grabbing on to a rope. As it turns out, all this action is due to his effort to find Dr. Madeleine Swann, to whom he declares, "The past isn't dead."

We get a quick explanation of what's happening here. A man named Safin is now threatening Bond because he wants revenge and Madeleine. It is suggested that Madeleine goes with Safin and Bond doesn't waste time in trying to find her, but first, he needs some help from the ladies.

The first woman who gets into action is Paloma, who is played by Ana de Armas. She meets with Bond, hands him a suit and they go after the bad guys. We are also introduced to the new 007 (Lashana Lynch), who Bond describes as "a disarming young woman." Honestly, we can't agree more.

Of course, this is a James Bond movie so the focus goes back to Daniel Craig's character. However, it also confirms that strong women could be the most interesting things about the film.

No Time To Die hits theaters on November 20.

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