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EXO D.O., Won Jin Ah Share Excitement Over Upcoming Release Of Korean Adaptation Of Taiwanese Film Secret
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Fans are about to see the Korean adaptation of the hit Taiwanese movie Secret, featuring EXO’s D.O., Won Jin A and Shin Ye Eun. The three have now finished filming and viewers are now excited to see this Korean remake on the big screen.

The filming for Secret reportedly wrapped up on Jan. 21 after three months of staff and crew's hard work. So after returning to acting following his military enlistment, D.O. himself can’t help but get thrilled about this new project.

EXO’s D.O. New K-Movie Secret

"I was happy to work with such great director and actors/actresses,” the 29-year-old actor said after the filming concluded, via AllKpop. “I believe the film will present an unforgettable memory to the audience."

After completing the new film's production works, Won Jin A also shared some words. "I won't forget the special moments I lived as Jung Ah. Please look forward to the movie where the music and love co-exists,” she remarked.

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Of course, Secret director Seo Yoo Min is also excited about this new project and thanked the staff and crew for their hard work.

"Thank you to all staff and cast members for working their best to create an amazing project,” he said. “I will do my best during the final home stretch so that we can present something miraculous like the two main characters' stories to the audience."

The movie has a fantasy-romance theme, led by the piano genius student Ye Xiang Lun (D.O), who just transferred to a new school. He will meet a mysterious student, Lu Xiao Yu (Won Jin A), who plays eerie music inside the old music room.

Secret Cast Members D.O., Won Jin A, Shin Ye Eun

Aside from D.O., Shin Ye Eun and Won Jin A will join the cast members of the K-movie Secrets.

The Yumi’s Cells star’s and the She Would Never Know actress’ agencies, NPIO Entertainment and Yooborn Company, respectively, confirmed the two’s involvement in the film, per Soompi.

It was previously revealed that D.O. would play the role of the series’ made lead, named Ye Xiang Lun. Jay Chou previously portrayed this character in the original version.

Won Jin A would play the female lead Lu Xiao Yu, previously portrayed by Gwei Lun Mei. Meanwhile, Shin Ye Eun would be a different female lead who would have an important role in the remake.

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In addition, Seo Yoo Min, who is behind the success of Happiness, April Snow, You Call It Passion and Recalled, directs Secret.

Meanwhile, D.O. is about to return to KBS after seven years, following the release of Hello Monster in 2015. According to Republic World, he is set to play the role of a prosecutor named Jin Jung in the new series True Swordsmanship.

Elsewhere, the EXO member also has several other acting projects coming, like The Moon and Along with the Gods 3.

Secret is set to be out this 2022.

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