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BTS Shock: V Deletes Instagram Post Because Of Jin’s Teasing
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BTS has shown their cute banter on Instagram ever since they created their own accounts. So what’s the latest? V and Jin seem to tease each other that end up deleting the former’s post.

V and Jin had a cute exchange on one of V’s latest photos. As Jin appeared to “ruin” the meaning of V’s snap, V deleted all the comments and eventually shut down the post.

Here’s what happened.

BTS V and Jin Star to Tease Each Other

Everything started when V posted a photo of himself on Instagram. As expected, fans began to fill his comment box with praise for how good-looking he was.

However, the group’s vocalist didn’t only get ARMYs’ attention. Jin also noticed his post and couldn’t help but leave his own comment.

“A boyfriend POV picture,” he wrote, as translated by Koreaboo. Many agreed with how Jin saw the picture. They, too, thought V looked like a boyfriend material with his snap.

However, V himself didn’t think that way. He first replied to Jin, “Don’t make fun of me, I’m sad,” which he later deleted.

By the looks of it, V didn’t post it to send some boyfriend vibes. He wanted it to look artistic, more nostalgic, and mellow tone.

He later changed his comment with “ruined,” probably referring to how Jin destroyed his post’s theme. “My picture failed because of you hyung. The picture seems way sadder now,” V continued.

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Though Jin didn’t write a response, V continued that leaving comments, like his dream is to be “a boyfriend picture maker.”

V didn’t just stop there, though. He next wrote the word “clean,” which seemed to allude that he would delete his photo. True to his words, the post was gone after he deleted Jin’s comment.

BTS V’s Ideal Girl

As many see BTS V as boyfriend material, many wonder about his ideal girl.

“A girl that knows how to save money when I make money, someone to stop me if I spend too much money, a girl that says to buy a house before a car, and someone that is willing to give everything to their parents,” he said, via Indian Express.

V also wants three or five kids and a family vacation, which is part of his bucket list. “Family vacation (this was a promise I made to my family), to have at least three and if I can, five kids, getting Soonshim married,” he added.

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For non-BTS fans, Soonshim is one of V’s pet dogs.

Meanwhile, in another post, V shared a photo with Jimin after undergoing surgery for acute appendicitis. Jimin also tested positive for COVID-19. The other photo showed BTS altogether.

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