Hani Boyfriend: EXID Member Confirms Relationship With Psychiatrist Yang Jae Woong

Credit: EXID Official/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: EXID Official/YouTube Screenshot

EXID Hani broke the K-pop industry’s rule on dating by seeing psychiatrist Yang Jae Woong.

Hani became one of the hottest celebrities who dated another celebrity publicly. In the K-pop industry, most entertainment agencies forbid their artists to have relationships while promoting.

Years after the Up & Down hitmaker dated JYJ Junsu, she found her new beau and started building a romantic relationship again.

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EXID Hani Confirms Relationship With Star Psychiatrist Yang Jae Woong

On June 29, WIKITREE broke the buzz about Hani’s romantic relationship with star psychiatrist, Yang Jae Woong.

The report claimed that the K-pop idol has been seeing him for the past two years.

In response to this, her agency, SUBLIME, shared a press release confirming the duo’s relationship.

The statement reads (via Naver):

Hello. This is SUBLIME.
We are informing you of our official statement regarding our agency’s artist Hani.
As it was reported by the media, Hani and Yang Jae Woong are in a happy relationship.
We would be grateful if you view [their relationship] warmly.

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It remains unknown how they met and started dating. But both of them have been receiving spotlights in their respective industries.

Hani famously made her debut with EXID in 2011. She also became an idol-turned-actress and currently stars in You Raise Me Up and XX.

Meanwhile, Yang Jae Woong appeared on several variety show programs, including Heart Signal and Real Couple Story – The War of Roses. He is 10 years older than Hani.

Who Did EXID Hani Previously Date?

Before Yang Jae Woong, the latest public relationship Hani had was with JYJ’s Junsu.

In January 2016, Dispatch confirmed that the two idols had been dating for six months at that time. The news outlet also shared photos of them at Han River in December 2015. There were also reports that Junsu picked up Hani before going on a date despite the actress being busy with EXID and its new song, Hot Pink.

However, it was revealed in September of that year that they ultimately broke up.

“There were rumors of them breaking up but they had been meeting well. However, they recently naturally drifted apart due to their individual busy schedules,” a source said.

EXID’s agency, Banana Culture, eventually confirmed the news.

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