Euphoria Season 3 News & Update: The Idol Controversy May Be Putting Zendaya Series In Jeopardy

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Sam Levinson's new series The Idol is at the center of criticism, which has led viewers to worry about Euphoria Season 3.

There have been reports concerning Levinson's alleged behavior about his new series The Idol, which stars The Weeknd and has a high price tag and has been labeled as a "s—tshow" and "torture porn."


Is Euphoria Season 3 Production Canceled?

The confirmed production of the upcoming Euphoria Season 3 has recently been called into question.

According to reports, Levinson effectively exploited the success of Euphoria as a battering ram to get his way, prompting some fans to demand the series' termination and others to be concerned that their favorite characters may not return to the screen.

This media uproar about the future of Euphoria is just one of several challenges that HBO's parent company Warner Bros. Discovery has faced in recent months regarding their content. This includes the firm halting post-production on the upcoming DC Universe project Batgirl as well as silently removing numerous existing shows from HBO Max.


While this is a difficult time for lovers of their work, their responses to earlier problems may foreshadow how they would handle Euphoria.

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At Risk

HBO has lately cancelled numerous major series, including the popular sci-fi show Westworld. This could indicate that they aren't afraid to press on without Euphoria if the Levinson drama reaches a fever pitch. They may, however, be unwilling to let rid of the property so quickly.

Euphoria may be as significant to HBO as the upcoming blockbuster The Flash will be to Warner Bros. Discovery's DC Studios. While that picture has yet to be released, it is still on the schedule despite the controversies surrounding its star, Ezra Miller's, well-publicized criminal offenses. While Levinson's tenure on the program is in question, this history suggests that the show is safe for at least one more season.

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