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Eternals: What Happened to Sprite in the End?

Sprite, in Eternals, is the one stuck in the body of an eleven-year-old even when they are thousands of years old. Looking like a such through millennia, she has been treated as a child among all of the heroes in the family. In the end, what happened to her?

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Eternals! Read at your own risk!

Eternals: What Happened to Sprite in the End?

Eternals: What Happened to Sprite in the End?
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Credit: Marvel Studios
Eternals: What Happened to Sprite in the End?

An Eternal trapped in the body of an eleven-year-old child; in the comics, Sprite is known for being bitter with her appearance. It is because every death and subsequent resurrection of an Eternal would put them back to their “default” state, and in the case of Sprite, her perpetual reincarnation is that of an eleven-year-old child.


The movie adaptation of Sprite is that of a teen-looking Eternal whose age just froze. Sprite remained in the body of a teenager which kind of fits the skill set as the young-looking-but-actually-old Eternal is a trickster with the illusions and pranks. She lives with Sersi in London and gets passed on by different Eternals as if she is someone to babysit.

Early in the movie, it is shown that she had to make an illusion to make herself look old and she was flirting with a guy only to desist because she will never be accepted looking like a child. It turns out, Sprite is in love with someone she knows will never be hers: Ikaris, and after thousands of years, only Kingo noticed.

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Kingo told Sprite that the reason why he wanted to be a superstar: Sprite’s illusions amazed the people of ancient Babylon and he realized that Sprite is in love with Ikaris, explaining why she looks at Sersi differently.

When the Eternals are divided in the decision of whether to let the Emergence happen or stop Tiamut’s awakening, Ikaris decided to leave the team and let Tiamut be born in the expense of all the people on Earth. Since Sprite is in love with him, she comes with him. While facing the others, Sprite even stabbed Sersi only for her to be saved by Druig.

When Sersi succeeded to crystallize Tiamut, Ikaris left and flew too close to the sun. Sprite realized that the one she loved left and Sersi, even when stabbed, still remains kind and compassionate that she offered Sprite the remaining energy she has from the Celestial to turn her into a real child and experience to grow and love like any other human being. In the end, she became a normal person.

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