18 Oct 2021 4:10 PM +00:00 UTC

Eternals: Sersi Explains Why They Came Out of Hiding in New Clip

Of all the top-billed actors and actresses bannering the upcoming Marvel movie, Eternals, many are curious as to why Sersi is the lead character in the film. Her voice-over of why they are on Earth to save the world from the Deviants is in various clips but this time, she answers the question of Dane Whitman and explains why they came out of hiding in a new teaser released.

It has long been confirmed that Sersi will be the one to take the lead in the movie even with a star-studded ensemble of amazing actors and actresses. In the new teaser, it starts with her having a conversation with Dane Whitman, telling him that the reason why they came out of hiding is that their purpose on Earth is to protect the people from Deviants and after thousands of years, the Deviants returns with a threat to the whole world.


A fourth-generation Eternal, Sersi is the daughter of Helios and Perse. She is often called "The Maker" and she's one beautiful and powerful Eternal, an enchantress, a sorceress, a conjurer. She has the common Eternal abilities of flight, strength, speed, and teleportation but what makes her stand out is her matter manipulation.

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Sersi is fifth-level adept in manipulating atoms and molecules, she is the only known Eternal to ever reach such mastery that she could make herself resistant to toxins, heat, energy, radiation, electricity, and even cold. Also, as a telepath, she could swing weaker minds to her will. She is indestructible, invulnerable, and near-immortal.

She loves humans so much, she learned to pick up their characteristics and she wants to live with humans. She found Dane Whitman amongst the people, who later becomes the Black Knight.

Sersi and the Eternals would debut in the MCU in a theatrical release on November 5, 2021.