25 Oct 2021 6:16 PM +00:00 UTC

Eternals Preview as Told by Kingo in Hilarious Featurette

Of all the ten Eternals, Kingo is the one with an instant star power. In various trailers, he is seen to be with a videographer and even dancing in Bollywood style, it is safe to say that one of the movie’s comedic reliefs would be Kumain Nanjiani. A new and hilarious featurette has been released showcasing what he has to bring into the table as he tells the preview of their story in his own perspective.

In the latest featurette released for Eternals, In Kingo’s Words, it really is the preview of how the universe began but in the words of Kumail Nanjiani’s character where he makes everything hilarious. He shared how in the beginning, nothing was ever there, even mentioning the Infinity stones, and how the first sun and galaxies came out one by one, things Kingo calls boring.


He cuts off to “and then, there was Kingo! Eternal Extraordinaire and giant movie star, pure of heart and big of bicep.” He hilariously introduced himself as such and the visuals were a tease of a Bollywood scene where his backup dancers were carrying something that looks like the shield of Captain America. Things get funnier when Lauren Ridloff, the actress playing Makkari, arrived, seemingly interrupting Nanjiani from his narration.

Nanjiani continues with the story, “Bestowed with powers far beyond a mortal man, Kingo protects humanity from evil Deviants, aided in his quest by a revolving cast of sidekicks,” and then he was hit to the head by Salma Hayek who plays Ajak and Brian Tyree Henry who portrays Phastos doesn’t like being pertained to as sidekicks. To Nanjiani’s defense, he said he was just trying to make it his own story.

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Moreover, his hilarious comment was to call them “assistants” or “helpers,” even asking if such sounds better, but when Angelina Jolie who plays Thena arrives, he takes back what he just said and declares Angelina being “one of the main ones.”

With such a featurette, it shows the bonding of the cast beyond the movie and how Nanjiani will surely be of a comedic relief in the movie. His character, Kingo, is described as someone who is “self-involved” and it seems he is the typical “I’m a star” kind-of-actor. Also, making it more interesting is why the backup dancers have shields resembling that of Captain America’s. Is he a big fan or did the original design come from him?

Catch Kingo and his hilarious clap backs on Eternals in theaters, November 5, 2021.