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Eternals: Ikaris Might Return in an Upcoming MCU Project According to Rumor

Eternals introduced a new set of heroes and gave us more world-building and mythology of the ever-growing MCU. But, of course, the question now for fans is what will happen next to the surviving characters after the end of the film? Which Eternal will make their next appearance? Now, it looks like we may have the answer.

According to a report from The Cosmic Circus, Richard Madden's Ikaris might be making his return in the MCU soon. It all came from a TikTok post by Emmy Kennard in which she said that her brother Joe Kennard, Madden's stunt double in Eternals, is slated to work as a "character coming back into the MCU."

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When they looked at Kennard's IMDb page, it showed that he hasn't worked in any other MCU project besides being the stunt double for Madden in Eternals. He also served in the same role in other projects outside the franchise. Given the evidence, unless he will double for another actor, it does indicate that Madden's Ikaris is likely returning to an MCU project soon.

It is surprising to hear that Ikaris might be coming back soon given what happened to the character by the end of the film and the confirmation from writers that his fate was indeed sealed. But, as shown in the past MCU films, characters who died can return and there's also the possibility that he might be returning through a flashback or in a sequence that is set in the past.

If Ikaris is confirmed to return to the MCU soon, the question now is which project will he be appearing in? Right now, it's hard to tell since none of the upcoming projects are giving a hint that an Eternal will be part of the story. We shall just wait and see if Ikaris is indeed confirmed to be returning in the MCU and find out which project will he be appearing in if he is indeed going to appear again.

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Eternals is now streaming on Disney+.

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