23 Aug 2021 1:21 PM +00:00 UTC

Eternals Fans Defend Ikaris After Being Called a Superman Ripoff

Credit: Marvel Studios

Comic book film fans are already beginning to feel hyped about Marvel Studios' upcoming offering Eternals especially after the final teaser dropped last week. The project initially didn't get that much attention from Marvel fans and understandably so because the group is pretty much composed of D-list characters casual fans don't recognize but judging by the stuff we saw from the latest trailer, the Eternals shouldn't be taken lightly as they will play a major role in Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Not only did the new trailer finally address the Eternals' reason for not helping the Avengers during Thanos' Terran invasion, but it's also home to several breath-taking action sequences, including Ikaris showing off his incredible abilities. However, despite all the hype it delivered, some fans couldn't help but criticize the character played by Richard Madden and accuse him of directly ripping off DC's Superman.

The said trailer sees Ikaris display his amazing strength and shoot laser beams through his eyes which is obviously one of the Man of Steel's signature powers. Unsurprisingly, MCU fans defended the character after experiencing scrutiny on social media. Check out some of the reactions below:


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It's worth mentioning that the creator of Eternals Jack Kirby was also responsible for the creation of DC's New Gods which of course features the iconic Superman villain Darkseid. Although unconfirmed, it's safe to assume that Kirby's portrayal of Ikaris might have been loosely based if not 100% inspired by Superman himself so there's that. Now, if you're gonna ask which character is superior, it shouldn't even be a subject of debate because we all know the Man of Steel will clear Ikaris on any given day. Sorry, Marvel fans.

Marvel Studios' Eternals will hit cinemas in November.