22 Oct 2021 2:34 PM +00:00 UTC

Eternals Director Explains Decision to Make Batman and Superman MCU Canon

Credit: WB

For the longest time, comic book fans have had a collective desire to see a crossover event between Marvel and DC but obviously, that's not going to happen anytime soon for obvious reasons. However, Marvel Studios' latest Phase Four offering Eternals has seemingly blurred the lines between the two franchises and the Marvel Cinematic Universe has apparently acknowledged the existence of two of DC Comics' flagship superheroes.

One teaser from the upcoming MCU flick, which hits cinemas in two weeks name-dropped the Man of Steel after Phastos' kid mistakenly compared the hero to Richard Madden's character Ikaris. Apparently, that's not the only DC Comics reference that we'll see in the film as it has been revealed that Eternals will also include a nod to Batman, something that we should totally be on the lookout for.

Now, director Chloé Zhao has addressed the mindblowing easter eggs featured in the film and she admits that she had a hand at their inclusions. Speaking with ComicBook, Zhao said: "I take some responsibility for that. I think we're in the business of telling stories about mythology, and Superman, for example, comes from origin of mythology. In many different cultures, there's a form of Superman. And the people that created Superman and the brilliant filmmakers [who] brought Superman to screen, their movies are basically, in my opinion, doing a modern interpretation of that mythology."

She added that the said references serve as tributes to the iconic comic book characters: "It doesn't mean we can't pay tribute and have a good time with these iconic ones that we all love to so much. I mean, who doesn't love Superman and Batman? Clearly our Eternals like them."

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It would be hella cool to see the worlds of DC and Marvel collide on the big screen but at this point, it's all just wishful thinking. Of course, both brands are owned by different companies and unless both Disney and Warner Bros. are willing to meet halfway and come up with a monumental deal, then it's far from becoming a reality. That's not to say though that it can't happen because you can never say never.

Meanwhile, Eternals is scheduled for release on November 5.