Eternals Star Barry Keoghan Shares Discouraging Update on the Sequel

For the past several months, there have been rumors and speculations regarding the status of the Eternals sequel. While one of the film's stars has seemingly confirmed that a follow-up is already on its way, we really haven't heard any confirmation from Marvel Studios that it is actually happening. So what is its actual state right now?

Speaking with Uproxx, Barry Keoghan, who plays Druig, was asked about the current status of the Eternals sequel. Unfortunately, he didn't offer any promising update although he did express his interest in returning to a potential follow-up and reprising his role.

"Kumail [Nanjiani] is always the one I’m texting. I’m like, 'Yo, have you heard anything on Eternals 2?' Kumail knows everything. You know what I mean? He loves comic books. The comic world," he said.

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The actor also added that there's still a lot to explore with the characters in the potential sequel. "No, there’s a lot that we could dive into and there’s a lot of character stories that we can go with and that as well," he noted. "So I will be curious to see where Kevin [Feige], Victoria Alonso, and they all take it."

Keoghan is also hoping that director Chloe Zhao will also return to helm the follow-up. He said, "It was shot and made, you really get, with the characters, it sort of felt like an independent movie at some points as well. But she, she’s amazing. Chloé, she’s another great one I would work with. At the drop of a hat again."

While the first film got the lowest critic rating, it still did well at the box office and it is also certain that Marvel Studios has plans for the future of the surviving characters in the MCU although there are no details as of this moment. For now, all we can do is wait and speculate on what's next for them.

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Eternals is available to stream on Disney+.

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