ENHYPEN Sunghoon Girlfriend: K-pop Idol Sparks Dating Rumors With fromis_9 Jiheon

Credit: KBS Kpop Official/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: KBS Kpop Official/YouTube Screenshot

Is ENHYPEN Sunghoon dating fromis_9 Jiheon?

For months, Sunghoon and IVE member Jang Won Young have been hosting the KBS music show, Music Bank. They took the places that were once taken by TXT Soobin and Oh My Girl’s Arin.

The K-pop idols have also been interacting with other K-pop groups on the show’s backstage. But recently, Sunghoon became a subject of dating rumors due to Jiheon’s interactions with him.

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ENHYPEN Sunghoon Sparks Dating Rumors With fromis_9 Jiheon

On the July 1 broadcast of Music Bank, fromis_9 marked their comeback by performing Stay This Way. They also had an interview with the MCs after their performance.

However, eagle-eyed fans immediately speculated that Sunghoon might be dating one of the girl group’s members.

As seen on the interview cam, Jiheon was caught staring at Sunghoon for a long time. She also smiled shyly while looking at the male idol. GIFs of the interaction have since gone viral, as well, making the speculations more noticeable.

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There was also a moment when the girl group members started leaving backstage, but Jiheon seemingly refused to leave and stared at Sunghoon instead.

After the dating rumors came out, she shared several posts to dismiss the claims.

“I mean, during the interview, Saerom unnie and Nakyung unnie were so funny lol,” she wrote on Weverse (via Allkpop), adding, “Yeah, I was only looking at flovers, lol. Let’s only look at one another.”

Sunghoon Was Also Linked To Wonyoung

Aside from Jiheon, Sunghoon’s co-MC was also linked to him.

Wonyoung is currently a member of the Starship Entertainment girl group, IVE. She debuted with the rookie girl group after her stint in the project group, IZ*ONE.

The duo’s collaboration led them to win the Best Couple Award at the KBS Entertainment Awards. However, Channel Korea already clarified that they are not dating at all.

For now, fans are supporting them as they both show great chemistry while working together.

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