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Engage Kiss Dub Release Date: When Will it be Dubbed in English?

Engage Kiss Dub Release Date: When Will it be Dubbed in English?: Ayano
Credit: A-1 Pictures

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The original anime Engage Kiss by A-1 Pictures is making both positive and less-than-positive waves in the anime world, mostly because of its MC. Regardless of this polarity in its viewership, most people would agree that it is intriguing. If you're curious, here's the latest on the release date of an Engage Kiss English dub.

Engage Kiss Dub Release Date: When Will it be Dubbed in English?: Kisara
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Engage Kiss follows the love triangle that Shuu Ogata, Kisara, and Ayano are caught in.

Shuu Ogata is the owner of a small Private Military Company (PMC) that is tasked with keeping the floating Bayron City free of demons.

Demon extermination jobs usually pay well, but Shuu is overly picky with the jobs he takes and spends more than he can afford. As a result, he is always drowned in unpaid bills.

Shuu supposedly takes care of Kisara, a half-demon high school girl, but it almost always ends up the other way around.

Kisara helps with Shuu's food and money sometimes and takes down demons alongside him. As a high-rated demon, she usually has no problem doing so, but a kiss from Shuu makes her even stronger.

Ayano is Shuu's ex-girlfriend and former senior colleague at the PMC he used to work for.

Well-off and totally over Shuu, Ayano treats him to some food and even pays some of his bills. She also helps Shuu secure the bids for the jobs he wants to take and helps with fighting demons.

We don't really know how Shuu truly feels about the two girls yet, but he seems to need their company more than he wants them. The result? His survival through bills, demons, and the two girls' never-ending feud.

As mentioned earlier, Shuu doesn't seem to be quite well-liked by anime fans. They find his being dependent on both girls to be atrocious. To be fair, though, the trailers have somehow hinted at Shuu wanting to do only noble jobs, though we're yet to know for sure.

Either way, fans are happy they get to see new badass female fighters that more than make up for the show's iffy, albeit interesting plot.

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When Will Engage Kiss be Dubbed in English?

Engage Kiss Dub Release Date: When Will it be Dubbed in English?: Kisara and Shuu
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Crunchyroll has confirmed that an Engage Kiss dub is on the way this Summer 2022 season. However, they are yet to confirm a release date.

Crunchyroll announced ahead of this season what shows they planned to have dubbed, including Engage Kiss. There has been no news since this initial list, neither about release dates nor cast.

English dubs on services such as Crunchyroll tend to come out around one month after the original episode airs. Therefore, we would expect more info around late July or early August.

The Japanese cast for Engage Kiss includes Souma Saitou as Shuu, best known for his voicing stints as Akame ga Kill!'s Tatsumi, Haikyuu!!'s Tadashi Yamaguchi, and Sasaki to Miyano's Yoshikazu Miyano.

Joining him are Saya Aizawa (Norn Greyrat of Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation) as Kisara and Lynn (Atsushi Nakajima of Bungou Stray Dogs) as Ayano.

Engage Kiss is part of the Summer 2022 lineup and it's set to air from July 2nd to September 24th.

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