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The Best Haikyuu!! Watch Order Guide 2022 Including Movies and OVAs

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The Best Haikyuu!! Watch Order Guide 2022 Including Movies and OVAs: Shoyo Hinata
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Haikyuu!! is one of the most well-known sports anime of all time. With a following and demand so huge, the series has had a total of four seasons, four movies, and a couple of OVAs. To help you get started on the series, here's a Haikyuu!! watch order guide for 2022, including movies and OVAs.

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What is Haikyuu!! About?

The Best Haikyuu!! Watch Order Guide: Hinata and Kageyama
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When Shoyo Hinata saw a highly spirited volleyball game on TV, with a small player nicknamed "Little Giant" dominating it, he first found himself awestruck and then determined to become great though small just like him.

Three years later, in his last year in middle school, Hinata and his team play against Kitagawa Daiichi, the school where the great volleyball player known as the King of the Court goes to and plays for.

Though Shoyo's team inevitably loses, his obviously raw but mad skills catch the attention of the King of the Court, Tobio Kageyama. Hinata, on the other hand, gains an understanding of Kageyama's greatness and a rivalry is formed between the two.

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Now in high school, Hinata is determined to become the best and defeat Kageyama. This plan is quickly foiled as he steps into the gym and finds his supposed rival. It turns out they will have to play for the same team.

Haikyuu!! chronicles Hinata, Kageyama, and the rest of the Karasuno High School volleyball team's journey towards Nationals, where they resolve personal issues, defeat other greats and ultimately win back their school's reputation as a powerhouse.

The Haikyuu!! anime is based on Haruichi Furudate's manga series of the same title.

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Haikyuu!! Watch Order Guide

The Best Haikyuu!! Watch Order Guide: Karasuno High Volleyball Club
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Haikyuu!!'s popularity across the world and over has produced hundreds of merchandise, themed cafes, fan art and fiction, and even an official stage play.

Since it's extremely popular even for a shonen anime, the Haikyuu!! franchise is absolutely thriving. As a result, there have been lots of seasons, movies, and OVAs.

Thankfully, the series follows a pretty clear narrative and an uncomplicated plot so it's quite easy to get into.

Here's an accurate watch order guide for Haikyuu!!:

Official English Title Season Number/Type Release Date No. of Episodes
Haikyuu!!Season 1April 201425
Haikyuu!!: The Arrival of Haiba LevOVAMarch 20151
Haikyuu!! The Movie: The End and the BeginningMovieJuly 20151
Haikyuu!! The Movie: The Winner and the LoserMovieSeptember 20151
Haikyuu!! 2nd SeasonSeason 2October 201525
Haikyuu!!: Vs. Failing GradeOVAMay 20161
Haikyuu!! The Movie: Talent and SenseMovieSeptember 20171
Haikyuu!! Karasuno High vs. Shiratorizawa AcademySeason 3October 201610
Haikyuu!! The Movie: Battle of ConceptsMovieSeptember 20171
Haikyuu!! Special Feature! The Spring Tournament of their YouthOVAAugust 20171
Haikyuu!!: Land vs. AirOVAJanuary 20201
Haikyuu!!: The Volleyball Way OVAJanuary 20201
Haikyuu!!: To The TopSeason 4 Part 1January 202013
Haikyuu!!: To The Top 2nd CourSeason 4 Part 2October 202012

The movies are recaps of the seasons they immediately follow and can therefore be skipped without worry. However, they are still worth watching because they have extra scenes that are either manga scenes that weren't adapted or original animations made specifically for show in the movies.

The first three OVAs can also be skipped since they're mostly just to provide a bridge to the next seasons.

However, the last two OVAs which were released alongside each other are manga-accurate and essential to the story. The two OVAs also introduce major characters so they most definitely cannot be skipped.

There you have it! The best order to watch the Haikyuu!! series as of 2022. After you've finished watching all of the anime adaptations, there are still a few manga chapters that you can enjoy!


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