Emma Watson's Manager Provides Clarity on Harry Potter Star's Retirement Rumors

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Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

The entire Harry Potter fandom was in shambles this week when rumors circulated all over the internet that Emma Watson will officially be retiring from the entertainment industry at the age of 30. It all began when a remark from one of Watson's agents was misunderstood by several news outlets, most notably The Daily Mail which first broke the news.

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Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Naturally, Potterheads and Disney fans were devastated after learning about the Beauty and the Beasts' supposed retirement considering the fact that it felt a little too sudden. According to several reports, Emma will be leaving her stellar career behind to spend more time with her soon-to-be husband Leo Robinton.

According to Watson's agent, the actress has gone "dormant" and she will not be taking any acting commitments, despite several rumors suggesting that Watson will be joining her Harry Potter castmates Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint for a reunion project over at HBO Max.

Now, Watson's manager is offering clarity amidst the ongoing rumors about her early retirement. According to Jason Weinberg of Untitled Entertainment, Emma's home talent agency, the actress isn't leaving show business behind. Releasing a statement to Entertainment Weekly, he simply said: "Emma's social media accounts are dormant but her career isn't."

Fans can now rest assured knowing that the British superstar isn't going anywhere. And although she has taken quite a long break, with her last film project being 2019's critically acclaimed Little Women, I'm guessing Emma is just waiting for the right opportunity and project to mark her grand comeback in the entertainment world. For now, let's just give her all the time she needs and the break she so rightfully deserves.

Meanwhile, HBO Max's Harry Potter series is in active development.

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