Harry Potter Fans are Heartbroken Over Emma Watson Retirement Rumors

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Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

We've seen actress Emma Watson's career and personal life blossom right before our very eyes but in a stunning turn of events, the Harry Potter star may have actually called it quits in show business for good to focus on the next chapter of her life, ending her stellar career spanning almost three decades.

According to a new report from The Daily Mail, Watson's agent told the entertainment website that the British superstar has gone "dormant" and while that statement doesn't really say much, people were quick to jump to the conclusion that the 30-year-old actress is officially retiring from acting.

Watson's inactivity in the entertainment industry also fueled speculation about her alleged retirement with the same agent claiming that she is "not taking on new commitments". Currently, Emma is engaged to be married to Leo Robinton and several reports suggest that her reason for her "retirement" is to spend more time with her soon-to-be-husband.

Naturally, news about her retirement spread like wildfire all over social media, and as much as fans are happy about the current state of her personal life, Potterheads expressed how devastated they are and by the looks of it, they're not ready to let go of Hermione just yet. Check out the reactions below:


As it stands, rumors surrounding Watson's acting status have yet to be confirmed by the actress herself so until then, we can rest assured that she's not going anything. But should the reports end up being true, then there's no reason why Emma should enjoy retirement at such a young age.

I mean, if she's already content with her career and desires to move on to the next chapter, who are we to stop her?

Emma Watson last appeared in 2019's Little Women.

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