Eminem Net Worth: What Makes Slim Shady One of the Highest-Paid Entertainers Today?

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Eminem has made many sing and dance to his several hit songs, “The Real Slim Shady,” “Without Me” and more. He has experienced enormous success in the music scene, making him one of the highest-paid entertainers of today.

With that said, how much fortune does Eminem has amassed so far? As he reportedly can make millions a year, he is surely one of the wealthiest in the music scene.

The Road to Success of Eminem

The now-49-year-old rapper initially wanted to become a comic book artist, but that changed when he heard his first rap song, “Reckless,” featuring Ice-T.

He started to use the name M&M, based on the initials of his full name Marshal Mathers. After he dropped out of high school at 17, he started working odd jobs while writing songs and joining freestyle rap battles.

With his hard work, he was eventually known and even earned the respect of the local Detroit area hip-hop scene.

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He joined the group Bassmint Productions, later renamed Soul Intent, and recorded music with Mashin’ Duck Records and FBT Productions while working as a cook and dishwasher.

In 1996, he dropped his debut album Infinite under Web Entertainment. He then adopted Slim Shady's edgier and violent persona and rapped songs about drugs, sex, violence, rape, and murder.

After a year, he released The Slim Shady EP. Come 1998, he traveled to Los Angeles to join the Rap Olympics.

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He placed second and an Interscope Records staff member passed his The Slim Shady EP to company CEO Jimmy Iovine, who played it for Dr. Dre.

He instantly asked Iovine to find Eminem and the rest was history.

Eminem’s Rise to Fame

After Dr. Dre found Eminem, he was quickly signed to his Aftermath Entertainment to rerecord and polish The Slim Shady EP, with Dre himself as the executive producer.

The album met instant commercial and critical success and was certified 4X Platinum in the U.S. alone. Eminem even won a Grammy for Best Rap Album.

He then released The Marshall Mathers LP in 2000 with great success, making it the fastest-selling hip-hop album in history and selling over 21 million copies.

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It was then followed by The Eminem Show in 2002, selling more than 27 million albums.

To date, Eminem has sold over 170 million albums worldwide, making him the ninth best-selling artist of all time.

Eminem’s Other Ventures and Earnings

Eminem founded his own record label, Shady Records, under Aftermath Records. He also ventured into filming and did 8 Mile in 2002.

He was then introduced to 50 Cent at the time and had the “In da Club” hitmaker sign to his company. Shady Records also released the soundtrack to 8 Mile.

Meanwhile, from 2004 to 2019, Eminem reportedly earned at least $100 million personally from record sales, touring and merchandise. He has sold more than 50 million records and performed 88 solo concerts during the said years.

With total earnings of $380 million, Eminem is now $230 million rich, per Celebrity Net Worth.

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