Elon Musk Bashes Apple Over Trial vs. Epic Games & Fortnite

On Friday, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has taken sides in the Apple vs. Epic Games battle, showing his support to the Fortnite developer that has challenged Apple Inc's fees on its App Store.

Over on Twitter, Musk shared his thoughts, siding with Epic Games, while criticizing the fees imposed by the App Store as an example of a "de facto global tax on the Internet."

Musk shared his take on the App Store while summing up Epic's defense before saying, "Epic is right."

Some people who replied agreed with Musk while others took Apple's side. These kinds of discussions have been going on since last year, and these debates probably won't die anytime soon.

Epic Games filed a lawsuit last year against Apple, alleging that the iPhone maker has abused its dominance in the market for mobile apps. Epic broke the App Store's rules when they discounted V-Bucks and added alternate payment methods for their battle royale game's in-game currency to circumvent Apple's commissions.

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Apple responded by taking out Fortnite from the App Store, which prompted Epic Games to file legal papers in response to Apple the same day, suggesting that the video game company anticpiated this kind of reaction.

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