06 May 2021 12:35 PM +00:00 UTC

Apple Lawyer Slams Epic Engineer With Dishonesty and Acting Without Integrity

Epic Games vs. Apple antitrust case continues with the third day of trial and as the stakes are high, so did the heat between the two companies with the lawyer of Apple, Richard Doren, throwing shades and some burns to Epic Engineering fellow, Andrew Grant, which left him dumbfounded and in shock on Doren's strong characterization of Epic.

Apple Lawyer Slams Epic Engineer With Dishonesty and Acting Without Integrity
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Credit: Epic Games/ Fortnite

Grant went up on the stand for Epic where he had to take blows of questioning from both legal counsels of Epic and Apple. In his testimony, he included explanations on API basics and SDK coding as such were brought up by their attorney. Come cross-examination, Doren confronted Grant with some hard-hitting questions.


Doren asked Grant about the decision of Epic in putting a hotfix to Fortnite which allows a third-party payment processing system in August 2020 which violates the developer agreement of Apple resulting in the 30% commission of Apple's app sales and in turn, Fortnite was removed from the Apple App Store getting things awry as a lawsuit ensues between the two.

Doren pointed out the policy of Epic on banning cheaters saying, "if the integrity of the game falls apart, and people believe the rules no longer apply to them, then people may no longer be inclined to play the game," purposely building a case around the hotfix decision that got the questioning hot.

"Let's talk about honesty. You knew you were being dishonest, didn't you? You knew you were acting without integrity, weren't you?" Doren clapped back on Grant who was left dumbfounded and answered that it was unclear what Doren was going with on such a statement.

Doren also raised another issue with an email which was published in a trial early this week which has in it Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney coming in hot on Sony Executives in 2018 about the cross-platform play between their companies where Sweeney said, Sony's actions were "breaking friendships" because they wouldn't allow players using other devices to play with those using PlayStation. Doren pointed out that Epic did the same when it provoked Apple to take out Fortnite from the App Store.

Testimonies in the case, so far, include those from Grant, Sweeney, Microsoft Xbox VP Loir Wright, Down Dog CEO Benjamin Simon, and Nvidia GeForce Now director Aasish Patel. The trial could extend until May 24.

The trial resumes on Thursday in Oakland, California where there are still witnesses left to testify including Apple CEO Tim Cook.

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