VALORANT Battle Royale Mode Reportedly Being Tested in China

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VALORANT, the first-person tactical shooter game developed by Riot Games, is currently the #1 FPS esport. Since its release last year, the 5v5 competitive character-based shooter commonly described as a CS: GO and Overwatch hybrid, has grown in popularity, and Riot clearly has big plans for VALORANT, and according to a recent rumor, the developer may be working on a Battle Royale mode for the game.

Valorant Battle Royale

A prominent PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds) leaker recently shared a rumor that Riot is testing a VALORANT Battle Royale mode with players in China.

According to PlayerIGN, who has a history of reliably leaking PUBG information, Chinese PUBG players have participated in a confidential VALORANT testing phase. The leaker claims that the confidential playtest he mentioned began in November 2020.

The leaker originally tweeted about the mode last year, but they recently responded to the tweet with a new video, in which the leaker states ""here is how I know Riot's making a VALORANT Battle Royale". PlayerIGN initially summed up past leaks that he successfully predicated, before talking about how his sources in China claim PUBG gamers have been testing the new battle royale mode.


Last year, it was also rumored that Riot intends to add a downed system to gameplay in VALORANT. This would mean that rather than instantly dying, players would get into a downed state from which they can be revived. Popular battle royale games like PUBG, Fortnite, and Call of Duty: Warzone use a similar system.

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PlayerIGN pointed out that the decision to have PUBG players participate in the testing phase could potentially mean that they're working on a VALORANT Battle Royale build. The leaker also mentions that on top of other self-proclaimed playtesters claiming that this is a new Battle Royale game.


Would you like to see Riot develop a VALORANT Battle Royale mode? Or would you rather see an entirely new Battle Royale game from the developers of League of Legends? Let us know your honest opinions in the comments section below.

The most recent VALORANT update, Episode 3, Act 1 introduced a new killer robot agent as well as major changes to weapon prices and agent balance updates.