Elizabeth Olsen Names the Hero Who Could Defeat Scarlet Witch

The discussion on who is the strongest avenger is up for debate. Every MCU fan has a favorite hero in mind who they believe is the most powerful of all. Despite the few biases, many believe that Elizabeth Olsen, as Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch, holds the title of the mightiest. Per Insider’s ranking, “Wanda was the only hero who was able to face Thanos one-on-one while sustaining zero injuries, and she did it twice.”

During a recent fan event, a moderator asked Olsen a very important question: “Is the Scarlet Witch the strongest Avenger ever?” Olsen responded after a brief pause to reflect. “I believe so,” she said. “I mean, I don’t know who would beat me... besides herself,” added Olsen. Wanda's compelling abilities like telekinesis, telepathy and energy manipulation made her a significant force in the Marvel universe.

Olsen has already made her hero noteworthy during the past offerings of the MCU, but her stint in Avengers: Endgame became a game changer. Then, her following appearance in the limited series WandaVision, the audience was presented with a multifaceted Scarlet Witch, which was amplified in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness when Wanda became a more horrifying version of herself.

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Given Wanda’s dominating and limitless powers, her future in the MCU is always anticipated by the audience. The fans want to see more of her and more of what she can offer as an anti-hero. With her being named the most powerful avenger, Scarlet Witch’s solo movie becomes the most campaigned project in the MCU. In her appearance at Comfest Con 2023, Olsen addressed Wanda’s big screen return.

Despite not fully confirming her comeback in the MCU, fans can expect to see a more masterful performance from Olsen as she stars as Candy Montgomery in Love & Death, based on the true story of an axe murderer, a religious homemaker who killed her lover’s wife in 1980, which is slated to premiere on April 27, 2023, on HBO Max.

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