Disney Announces First Ever Marvel Musical

Superhero movies and TV series usually lean on the action and a serious tone. Despite a few elements of comedy, they rarely explore the idea of an informal performance, specifically the musical aspects of singing and dancing. However, the Disney Plus series Hawkeye introduced the Avengers' play Rogers: The Musical in one of its episodes. If you are one of the few who enjoyed how cringe-worthy that was, then you might have the chance to enjoy it even more live this summer at Disneyland.

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“A short one-act musical is coming for a limited time this summer to Disney California Adventure Park!” Disney tweeted Thursday. The musical is expected to be a short, one-act version surrounding Steve Rogers' or Captain America’s life. Disney also released a teaser to announce the show, which showed Peggy Carter looking down at a playbill for Rogers: The Musical. The streaming company noted that more details about the show, such as the official release date, story, and music, will be revealed at a later time.

This announcement may not come as a surprise to some MCU fans, given that Disney has previously posted a casting call for the musical. However, what some fans did not expect was the participation of Hayley Atwell's Agent Peggy Carter, who is likely to get a telling focus on the one-act production.

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In an interview in November 2021, Rhys Thomas, who directed the Hawkeye episode based on the Broadway musical, told Polygon that he came up with the idea for the musical while looking for something to “annoy” Hawkeye and that the consciously silly tone of Rogers: The Musical was a balancing act for the creators.

“You realize, like, oh, we’re making an MCU musical in the MCU,” Thomas said. “So how good is it? How bad is it? It needs to be absurd. So finding that line, which I feel like is a line that I find myself constantly trying to walk: you’ve got to take it seriously, but just not seriously enough.”

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Some fans may raise some eyebrows and flinch at the idea of a Marvel musical, but on a lighter note, this could be one of the new ways for them to enjoy the MCU. The only way to find out how it will go is to go experience it this summer.

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