Elizabeth Olsen Defends Wanda’s Vendetta Against Tony Stark

We have yet to figure out how Wanda Maximoff could return within the MCU, from speculations on her making an appearance in the WandaVision spinoff, Agatha: Coven of Chaos, or perhaps getting her own Scarlet Witch solo film. However, Disney+ just released a new special called MPower in celebration of women of the MCU, and seeing as Wanda is included on that list, Elizabeth Olsen got the chance to return and defend her character’s vendetta against Tony Stark.

“Wanda Maximoff is from a made-up Eastern European country called Sokovia, who lost both of her parents at a young age from a Stark bomb,” Lizzie opened up on MPower (via The Direct), “So, she thinks that Tony Stark/Iron Man is one of the worst people on Earth and volunteers for a program that could do experiments on her to potentially avenge her parents’ death with her brother.

Wanda is one of the few characters in the MCU that may have had little appearances, but her story mattered and that is thanks to Lizzie’s performance in bringing the character to life. Unfortunately, ever since Wanda lost Pietro in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Vision during Avengers: Infinity War, she has had to find ways to cope from losing her own family.

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Though it’s granted that it wasn’t Tony who killed her parents, the Stark Industries mark on the inventions spoke for Wanda. Tony became the very image of Stark Industries, thus representing the ‘killer’ behind becoming an orphan.

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After the end of WandaVision, though, this had only strayed her more in her hatred and grief deepening as she not only sought out to take revenge on Tony, but now, anyone who would get in her way between her twin boys stuck in an alternate dimension. Eventually, this led to her tragically immediate death in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

This is what makes her stand out. All she wanted was to keep her family safe, and yet, she couldn’t. The very few people she wanted to protect are long gone, and now, all that’s left is a chance at finding them in an alternate dimension, which she ultimately had to let go.

While there are no official announcements yet on Wanda’s return in the MCU, Lizzie previously mentioned, “If [I] were to tell you exactly what I would want [to do with the character next], then I would be spoiling something”, indicating a possibility of the Scarlet Witch still coming back in the MCU soon.

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