Edens Zero Episode 24 RELEASE DATE and TIME, COUNTDOWN

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The journey of Shiki Granbell and the rest of the crew of Edens Zero are now on its penultimate and with it almost nearing the end, will they be able to see where Mother, the cosmic goddess is and close their adventure on a high note? Make sure to have the release date and time of Episode 24 on your countdown so as not to miss anything and see Netflix for new releases.

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Warning! This portion may contain spoilers for Edens Zero. Read at your own risk!


What happened in Edens Zero Episode 23?

In Edens Zero Episode 23, Until the Day it Turns to Strength, Shiki battles it out with Madame Kurenai's forces and Drakken hacked the Satellite Blaze. Drakken wanted to take Edens Zero by force and Kurenai sent Garrot with a reluctant Nino and Baku to put an end to the uprising happening in the labor district while she faces Shiki with the Kurenai Dragoon, Knight Gear for resistance to Shiki's powers.

Rebecca aided the laborers in the district who were casualties of the attack, she did this even without Homura who was still grieving her mother's death. Baku was supposed to attack Rebecca but Weisz was there to stop him in time and he modified his suit with the Ether Gear and having himself a superhero name, Arsenal. He defeated Baku and when the energy of his suit lapsed, it vanished and left him naked.


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Where to Watch Edens Zero Episode 24 with English Subtitles Online?

Edens Zero is now available on Netflix and Hulu as the global release date last August 26, 2021, pushed through, and with it already coming out of the streaming platform, it would not be restricted for those who are beyond Japan anymore. Anyone in the world with access to the said platforms would now be able to watch the show.


When is the Release Date and Time of Edens Zero Episode 24?

Edens Zero Episode 24, titled Taking Up the Torch, would be released in Japan on September 26, 2021, through Netflix and Hulu. Since the global release date of the series has already pushed through last August 26, the episode will also be available for those living beyond Japan, where Edens Zero has been globally released by Netflix and Hulu.

Edens Zero Episode 24 Countdown


Teamwork is proving to be useful for the whole Edens Zero team and they are succeeding with it. Once they get past Kurenai's forces, will they be able to find Mother? Find out what happens in the next episode arriving this coming Wednesday!