Edens Zero Episode 23 RELEASE DATE and TIME, COUNTDOWN

Credit: Netflix

Credit: Netflix

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Shiki Granbell and his team are almost there, near their destination were alleged, Mother, the cosmic goddess is located. Still, their journey was one with so many struggles and challenges, it made their team bonded more than ever. Edens Zero Episode 23 is underway so have the release date and time on your countdown now and check Netflix for its arrival.

Warning! This portion may contain spoilers for Edens Zero. Read at your own risk!

What happened in Edens Zero Episode 22?

In Edens Zero Episode 22, My Mother, the Machine, a flashback 10 years back was shown where Valkyrie raised Homura on Oedo. Five years and Homura got formally reprimanded there for the attack on the son of an official and Valkyrie defended her for that which motivated her to look for Kurenai. The biological mother of Homura.

When Valkyrie found out that Kurenai was a slave in the Sun Jewel labor district, Valkyrie took her place so Homura could see her biological mother. However, Valkyrie learned that Kurenai just usurped the ruler of Sun Jewel.

Kurenai provoked Stones to attack the district and Valkyrie slew the horde for the safety of the others. She was not fortunate to survive. In the present time, Homura found the remains of Valkyrie whose body is beyond repair as confirmed by Pino. Shiki consoled Homura and left her there to feel the grief. Shiki faces Kurenai afterward.

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Where to Watch Edens Zero Episode 23 with English Subtitles Online?

Edens Zero is now available on Netflix and Hulu as the global release date last August 26, 2021, pushed through, and with it already coming out of the streaming platform, it would not be restricted for those who are beyond Japan anymore. Anyone in the world with access to the said platforms would now be able to watch the show.

When is the Release Date and Time of Edens Zero Episode 23?

Edens Zero Episode 23, titled Until the Day it Turns to Strength, would be released in Japan on September 19, 2021, through Netflix and Hulu. Since the global release date of the series has already pushed through last August 26, the episode will also be available for those living beyond Japan, where Edens Zero has been globally released by Netflix and Hulu.

Edens Zero Episode 23 Countdown

So that is the backstory of Homura and Valkyrie, such a heroic thing Valkyrie did to the labor district, even to Homura as well. Had Kurenai really cared about Homura, she wouldn't have done such a thing. Let's see how things unfold in Edens Zero.

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