23 Mar 2019 6:03 PM +00:00 UTC

EA's Star Wars Battlefront III Is Apparently Still Happening With A Neat Feature That Might Win Back Critics

It looks like Electronic Arts is keeping the Star Wars license after all with the third installment of Battlefront III reportedly in the works.

According to Making Star Wars, a new game in the series is still very much on the table. In fact, a small team has already been designated to building the title. However, it is apparently in very early stages of development that there isn't anything concrete yet.

The game appears to be more of an "if" than "when." Interestingly, there still remains so much uncertainty surrounding the project that Making Star Wars isn't confidently counting on it to ever see the light of day.


However, with Disney confirming that their recent efforts to revive Lucasfilm Games has nothing to do with reinstating the studio as a full-on Star Wars video game developer as it was before it the company acquired the rights to the galaxy far, far away, this at least adds to the possibility of Star Wars Battlefront III actually happening.

What is more certain about Star Wars Battlefront III at this time is the inclusion of Episode IX content. Apparently, the current iteration of the video game is not going to feature anything significant from the final film in the sequel trilogy apart from a potential skin or two. On the other hand, the upcoming title will have an entire Skywalker Saga to pull from.

In addition, a feature that was supposed to be for Star Wars Battlefront II will reportedly be held off for its successor as well. The game was supposed to allow players to fly an X-wing, land it, and jump out, fight, and get back inside it. The concept wasn't perfected in time for the 2017 title, but it looks like it will be ready for Star Wars Battlefront III instead. If this will truly be the case, players will be able to get onboard capital starships, sabotage them, and escape the ensuing explosion.

Are you looking forward to Star Wars Battlefront III?

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