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eaJ, Former DAY6's Jae, Reflects on Mistakes Following Past Controversies

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Credit: eaJ/YouTube Screenshot

eaJ, former DAY6’s Jae, opened up about being canceled and the mistakes he committed in the past.

eaJ started to take a different path after leaving DAY6 following his Twitch controversy. It did not stop there, as he also got canceled after offering derogatory comments toward his former labelmate, Jamie.

After going through a lot, he opened up again about the issues and talked about being canceled numerous times.

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eaJ Says He Never Intended to Hurt People

In Mindset by DIVE Studios’ trailer, It’s Been the Craziest Year of My Life, eaJ starts opening up about his experience and past controversies.

Per eaJ, last year immediately became the craziest one in his life.

“I left JYP, I got canceled a few times. Unfortunately, it’s what a lot of people know me for, and that might have been one of the biggest f-ck-ups of my life. There have been a lot of people that I’ve hurt, there have been a lot of misunderstandings, but at the end of the day, I just truly always want to do the right thing,” he added.

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eaJ also expressed his regret that he unintentionally hurt people in his life due to misunderstandings.

Still, at the end of the day, he told them that he only wanted to do the right thing.

The trailer opens the nine-part audio series featuring the idol. He is expected to open up about his life after leaving DAY6 and JYP and how he currently deals with anxiety.

eaJ Bombarded With Condemnations Due to Issues

What was supposed to be a way to connect with his fans became the reason why he left the group.

eaJ, then Jae, launched a Twitch channel to interact with the fans. However, he became subject to criticism after making sugar daddy comments.

Fans can clearly remember how the Korean-American idol played the game Rust on his now-deleted live stream, where he made inappropriate comments. At that time, he simulated an NSFW act on another game character, saying, "This guy, he is my sugar daddy," before looking away after seemingly realizing what he said.

He posted an apology statement following the controversial livestream and stopped all his live streams since then.

In December, he said on Twitter that he would be taking a hiatus as a member of DAY6. But JYP Entertainment revealed on the same day that he ended his contract with the company and would leave the band due to personal reasons.

He faced backlash again over her comments about Jamie.

Jae initially debuted with DAY6 in 2015 after finishing sixth place in the Kpop Star Season 1.

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