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Dwayne Johnson Allegedly Leaked Misleading Black Adam Financial Report

The underwhelming box office results of Black Adam have become a point of contention in the past few weeks due to an initial report that claimed that the film won't be able to break even and turn a profit, making it a financial disappointment for the studio and the DC franchise.

Sometime later, a new report from Deadline came in and claimed that the film actually turned a profit of around $52-72 million after factoring in the other revenues that they broke down. Dwayne Johnson himself even made it official on Twitter and confirmed the report.

However, it looks like the financial reports regarding the film's alleged profit might be misleading based on a recent newsletter from Puck (via The Direct). They reported that several Warner Bros. executives are claiming that Johnson's team leaked the film's financial details to Deadline.

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The report also described it as "filled with false assumptions" and cited an industry insider that shared their belief that the $100 million global marketing figure that was provided may be misleading. It should also be pointed out that Johnson has not admitted yet to the alleged leak.

At the end of the day, we will never know whether the reported profit is true or not. Either way, we can safely say that the film wasn't the huge box office success that they were hoping it to be. After all, if it performed better, we wouldn't be hearing any conflict and drama such as this.

Now that we are at the end of the road on the film's box office performance, the question now is whether it will have a sequel. So far, new DC Studios heads James Gunn and Peter Safran have not officially commented about the plans, but a report has claimed that the plans for the sequel are currently in limbo due to the new direction in the DCU.

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Black Adam is set to arrive on HBO Max this Friday.

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