Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Art Reveals New Look at Gotenks

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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero continues to ramp up the hype with new reveals about the highly anticipated shonen movie, and despite the delay of its Japanese release date, Toei Animation has been sharing new details about the film, including the fusion form of two young characters.

Goten Trunks Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero
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Credit: Toei Animation
Goten Trunks Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Last February, Toei Animation revealed our first look at the teenage Goten and Trunks in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, as well as their fusion form, Gotenks. Now, we have our first look at Gotenks!

Over on Twitter, DBS Chronicles shared the first look at Gotenks from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which isn't just an older version of the fused form, but also a hilarious look that's clearly a result of Goten and Trunks failing to perform the dance perfectly as they had done several times in the past.

The studio has yet to reveal what roles Goten and Trunks will play in the story that will focus on the conflict against the Red Ribbon Army, but it's clear that the pair and the rest of the Z-Fighters will have more time to showcase their powers while Goku and Vegeta are taking care of matters away from Earth. Now, we know that they will fail to fuse perfectly in the movie, but it's likely that they will fuse the right way. It's good to know that they've added this failed form as a comic relief in the film.

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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero's April 2022 Japanese release date was postponed due to the Toei Animation Hack, but Toei hasn't announced a new theatrical release date yet. The film is slated to release in North American theaters this summer, but there's still no word on whether or not the hack affected its release schedule.

You can read more details about Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero here.


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