18 Oct 2021 3:18 PM +00:00 UTC

Dragon Ball Super Reveals The Heeter Force's Connection to Granolah's Past

The English version for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 is almost here, and fans are looking forward to find out what Monaito knows about Granolah's past and his connection to Goku's father, Goku. Major spoilers have already been shared on social media ahead of the manga chapter's official release date, and now we know more about what happened 40 years ago in planet Cereal.

Dragon Ball Super Heeters
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Warning: Major spoilers from Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 ahead.


According to spoiler descriptions shared online, the Heeter Force, the rich and powerful space crime syndicate, was involved in the mission to eradicate the Cerealians and Namekians in planet Cereal 40 years ago.

When Monaito reveals what happened to Goku's father, Bardock, and how he became a hero who rescued the Namekian and Granolah, at one point he mentioned that Bardock sees the four Heeters in the mountain.

Elec says that although they cannot defeat Frieza's army by force, they could do so with intelligence, financial power, and the power of information.

The Heeters arrive at the house where Bardock, Granolah, Granolah's mother (Muesli), and Monaito are hidiing, , and they see Bardock (who's wearing a hooded cloak) about to attack Granolah, Monaito, and Muesli.

Elec asks Bardock who is he, and Bardock tells him that he has found those survivors and that he's going to kill them. Elec tells him to do it, but Bardock doesn't attack them. Bardock tells Elec that Namekians have mysterious powers that they should check out before killing the Namekian.

Suddenly, Elec brings out a gun and shoots, wounding Muesli. Elec tells Bardock that he's fine with the Namekian but the other two must be killed as soon as possible.

Bardock angrily attacks the Heeter Force, but Gas creates a protective barrier to block Bardock's attack. Bardock takes advantage of the somke to escape, and the Heeter brothers look angry.


Bardock and the others are hiding in the forest, and Monaito tries to heal Muesli but he can't save her. Bardock wonders what he's doing, and Monaito asks him what they are going to do now.

Elec looks angry, and he has no choice but to kill all of them. Gas says that he will take care of them. Elec tells Gas that he can do it while they prepare to welcome Frieza.

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Now that Granolah knows the truth about how the Heeters are responsible for his mother's death, it's likely that he will team-up with Goku and Vegeta to make sure the crime syndicate won't reach their goals to gather all seven Dragon Balls. In the latest chapter, Monaito apologizes to Granolah for not telling him the truth sooner, and it looks like Goku is surprised to find out about how his father was involved in the Cerealians' past.

For more spoiler details from Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77, check out the compilation of information for the latest chapter here.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 is set to release on Oct. 20.