Dragon Ball Star Reacts to Vegeta's Rumored Defeat

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 is arriving today, but fans are already buzzing at the rumors and leaked spoilers, and a lot of that buzz is coming from talks about Vegeta's defeat in his fight against Granolah. One Dragon Ball Super star has shared his thoughts about that rumor, and it pretty much sums up the opinions of Vegeta fans.

Dragon Ball Super God of Destruction Vegeta
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Credit: Shueisha

Christopher Sabat, the English voice actor of various Dragon Ball characters including Vegeta, has taken it to Twitter to share his response to the rumor circulating about Vegeta's defeat against the lone Cerealian survivor, Granolah. After seeing that Vegeta is trending on Twitter once again, Sabat notes that he's not surprised at all, retweeting what he said last year about how Toriyama likes to disappoint Vegeta fans:

His retweet of a 2020 post said: "Woke up to #Vegeta trending. And when you find out why, you won't be shocked. As we all know, Akira Toriyama's favorite hobby seems to be torturing Vegeta fans. Haha."

Of course, Toriyama and the current Dragon Ball Super artist/writer Toyotarou have "tortured" Vegeta fans before by showing an exciting scene with the Saiyan Prince only to bring down their expectations, and shut down his chance to shine over Goku.

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The new Dragon Ball Super chapter is expected to come out soon, so we will find out if these rumors will be confirmed or debunked in just a few minutes from now. You can read the updated spoiler details here, and don't forget to follow our Anime Rocks My World page on Facebook for the latest updates and memes about the best anime shows in the world.