Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85 First Preview Continues Ultra Ego Vegeta vs. Gas

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While Dragon Ball Super fans are hyped for the newly-released Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, manga readers are still wondering if Vegeta's Ultra Ego form is powerful enough to defeat the villain Gas of the Heeter Force. The official Dragon Ball website just shared the first preview for Chapter 85, which is set to come out in a few days, and it looks like the Saiyan Prince will have a difficult time fighting the Strongest Warrior in the Universe.

In the previous chapter, Goku and Vegeta unleashed their most powerful transformations to stand a chance against Gas. It was the first time we've seen Ultra Instinct Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta team-up to battle one villain together, but it looks like their combined powers are not enough to overwhelm the overpowered villain. However, the end of Chapter 84 showed Vegeta getting stronger with the pain Gas inflicted on him, and Goku looks surprised.

On Monday, the first preview for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85 just hit online, revealing two early draft pages and the chapter's title: To Each His Own Answer. Twitter user @DBSChronicles shared an English translation of the first two draft pages showing the continuation of Ultra Ego Vegeta's fight with Gas.


As you can see, the latest chapter picks up where the previous chapter ended, but instead of us expecting Ultra Ego Vegeta to turn the tides of the battle around, Gas clearly has the upper-hand, many fans on social media believe that he's overpowered. It looks like Goku will need to step back to the fight to help his rival-ally Saiyan.


One of the biggest questions now is: "Will Ultra Instinct Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta fuse against Gas?" That could be the only way for them to be powerful enough to take him down, but at this point, there are no clear signs that the two Saiyans will perform the fusion dance.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85 is expected to release on Viz Media on June 20, 2022. You can read more spoiler details about Chapter 85 here.