Did Dragon Ball Super 'Leak' Just Reveal Bardock's Super Saiyan Form?

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While Dragon Ball Super fans are still waiting for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero to arrive in theaters following the delay due to the Toei Animation hack, they can expect the next chapter of the manga series by Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou to arrive before the highly-anticipated film.

Dragon Ball Super Super Saiyan Bardock
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Credit: Toei Animation
Dragon Ball Super Super Saiyan Bardock

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83 is expected to continue the Granolah the Survivor Arc, and it will reveal how the fight between the villainous Gas and Goku's father, Bardock unfolded forty years ago in Planet Cereal, and recently, Twitter user DBSChronicles shared what he claimed to be a leak from the upcoming chapter. However, it turns out that it's an April Fools Joke, and that it was a shot from Naho Ooishi's Episode of Bardock manga. However, don't discard the possibility that Bardock's Super Saiyan form will officially be revealed in the next chapter.

In the previous chapter of Dragon Ball Super, titled Bardock vs. Gas, as Gas is flying through space to return to Planet Cereal, a flashback from forty years ago reveals more of what happened in the same planet, giving us a continuation of Bardock's fight with Gas. It's likely that we will find out how their battle concluded.

At the time of this writing, Shueisha hasn't released any official previews for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83 yet, but expect Goku and Gas' fight to continue after the heroic Saiyan finds out what happened to his father's battle forty years ago.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83 is expected to release on Wednesday, April 20

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