Dragon Ball Super Anime Will Reportedly Return This Year

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Toei Animation

It's been almost a year since the last episode of Dragon Ball Super aired in Japan, and fans have been wondering when Toei Animation will release new episodes for the fan-favorite anime series.

According to a new report by one of the popular anime YouTubers, Geekdom101, the Dragon Ball Super anime series will return this year. Yonkou Production backed up the report on Twitter.

"You heard it here first. The Dragon Ball Super ANIME RETURNS to television," Geekdom101 tweeted.

Geekdom 101 says that "more info [will be] coming in a few weeks" but Toei Animation and Shueisha haven't announced the return of Dragon Ball Super yet.


Over on Twitter, Yonko Productions backed up the report and said that the show's return has been in the works for some time already.


"[Naohiro] Shintani is still the character designer," Yonkou said. "It's been in production since last year and they're working on the key animation currently."

That's great to know. The new Dragon Ball Super season will most likely focus on the manga's Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc, which is set after the events of Dragon Ball Super Broly.

Here's the reported synopsis of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc:

"Shortly after the ToP and the events of DBS: Broly, Goku and Vegeta are training together when Bulma passes along a message from Mister Satan that a mysterious group has appeared at his house and is attempting to kidnap Buu. Goku and Vegeta go to investigate and indeed find a group loading the (still sleeping) Buu into a familiar-looking spaceship."

Dragon Ball Super is available to stream on Amazon Video, Funimation, Crunchyroll, and VRV. It also currently airs its English dub on Adult Swim on Saturday nights. Dragon Ball Super Broly is out now.

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