Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 Draft Pages Reveal More of Gas vs. Granolah

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In just a few days, the fight between Granolah and Gas will continue in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80, which is expected to release on January 20, and now, we have more draft pages that give us an early look at how the two warriors will battle it out.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80
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Credit: Shueisha
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80

The official Dragon Ball website has shared draft pages for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 ahead of its release, and it was revealed that the title of the chapter is Gas vs. Granolah 2. Over on Twitter, Dragon Ball outlet DBSChronicles has shared English translations for those draft pages.

Check out the draft pages for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 below:


As you can see above, the fight between Granolah and Gas is getting more intense, and the spectators from both sides are concerned about the battle. The Heeters comment that even though Gas is more powerful, he is losing to Granolah in skills, but Vegeta comments that this is bad for Granolah because it's taking him too long, and Gas is able to read into his techniques.


It's still unclear who will ultimately win this fight, but hopefully there won't be a Granolah vs. Gas 3 because this fight is getting boring, and fans would rather see the plot progress. Hopefully, we'll find out more about the "business" that Elec has to attend. It might have something to do with Frieza. It looks like the Granolah the Survivor Arc is far from over.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 is set to release on January 20. Expect Shueisha to share more drafts for the upcoming chapter before they release the chapter. You can check out more details for the upcoming chapter here.