Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Reveals Shenron's New Look

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Dragon Ball Super is gearing up for a major anime comeback this year with the release of its upcoming feature-length film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which is set to feature the epic conflict between the Z fighters and the Red Ribbon Army, and now, it was confirmed that the film will feature the return of the legendary wish-granting dragon, Shenron.

This update was shared by DBHype on YouTube. The fan outlet discovered the promo for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero that featured Shenron, and it's the first time we've seen the dragon in the anime's new visual style, and this confirms his role in the upcoming film.

Check out the promo featuring Shenron:

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Shenron
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Credit: Toei Animation / Shueisha
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Shenron

The promo doesn't change Shenron's design: The dragon still looks green, serpentine, and has two whiskers and red eyes. However, unlike his classic design, he's featured with some CG art. This animation style fits with what was revealed for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero so far. The producers already revealed that the movie will feature animation style we've never seen in Akira Toriyama's shonen franchise before.


There was also a line of dialogue from the movie that confirmed the dragon's return, and it was spoken by Piccolo. The confirmation of Shenron's appearance suggests that the iconic seven Dragon Balls will most likely be gathered to summon the dragon, but who would summon him? And what wish will he grant in the film?

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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is set to release in Japanese theaters on April 22, 2022. A North American release date hasn't been announced yet.

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