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Dragon Ball Super and Boruto: Next Generations Manga Chapters For January 2022 Have Arrived

Shonen fans, rejoice! The latest monthly chapters for two of the biggest shonen manga titles have arrived on Viz Media and Shueisha Weekly, and you can read both of them now for free online.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 66 are kicking-off the year with epic fights and intense action that fans have been craving for.

Dragon Ball Super Boruto
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Credit: Shueisha
Dragon Ball Super Boruto

The latest Dragon Ball Super chapter is titled Gas vs. Granolah, Part 2, and it continues the epic fight between Granolah and Gas in planet Cereal. In the midst of the fight. Elec helps Gas remove the seal of his power to unleash his crazy form that the villain used against Goku's father, Bardock forty years ago. When Gas makes contact of Goku, he is reminded of the fight against Bardock, and how he ultimately lost that day. However, it looks like Gas is able to control his berserk form, and transforms into a more controlled form at the end.

You can read the latest chapter on Viz Media here, and you can read more details about Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 here.

As for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 66, which is titled Kill or Be Killed, the chaotic conflict between Borushiki (Momoshiki temporarily gaining control of Boruto's body) and Kawaki, who just unlocked his new karma powers, continues with Naruto and Code involved in the epic battle. The chapter ends with a major character "death", which you can read more about here.

You can read Boruto Chapter 66 on Viz Media here, and read more details about it here.

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