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Dr. Stone: Ryusui Drops New Trailer, Key Visual with Release Date Announcement

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Dr. Stone: Ryusui is coming this July! The anime special has just dropped its full trailer and key visual which both confirm its release date. In addition to that, a manga chapter will be published ahead of the one-off episode's release!

The Dr. Stone: Ryusui trailer and key visual were shared during a special livestream event for the anime special. The trailer shows Senku Ishigami on a boat with Taiju Oki, Minami Hokutozai, and Niki Hanada as they travel to a new location. We also get to see the petrified Ryusui Nanami but it doesn't take long before he is revived by Senku.

Not surprisingly, Ryusui is delighted to be revived and excited to take on the task of navigating for the Kingdom of Science. Needless to say, this means more adventures for Senku and his companions.

The key visual for Dr. Stone: Ryusui also puts the focus on Senku, Chrome, and the Perseus captain. Check it out below.

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Ryusui already appeared in the final episode of Dr. Stone Season 2 so it's great to see that he will get his own special episode before the third season is broadcast next year. In addition to the episode, it has been confirmed that Dr. Stone: Ryusui will get a special chapter before the anime special episode is released.

The special Dr. Stone: Ryusui will be featured in Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #31 which will be published on July 4. The chapter will be dropped ahead of the broadcast of Ryusui TV Anime Special and the release of the main manga's Volume 26. It is unclear what will happen in the chapter but there is a possibility that it will focus on Ryusui's life before his petrification.

The Dr. Stone: Ryusui special chapter will be published in Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #31 which will be released on July 4, 2022. The anime special will be broadcast on July 10, 2022.

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