DOTA: Dragon's Blood Season 3 Release Date Revealed in First Look Image

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Credit: Netflix

From the immensely popular game franchise, DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Season 3 is finally happening later this summer and during Netflix Geeked Week, the first look image of the upcoming run of the show with Mirana drawing an arrow and the caption revealing the release date of the series.

Netflix Geeked Week just dropped the release date DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Season 3 in a post on their official Twitter page with the first look image of the Priestess of the Moon, a.k.a. Moon Princess of the Nightsilver Woods, Mirana, drawing an arrow with fierceness and feistiness combined, and they announced that Book 3 will arrive on Netflix on August 11.

It has been intense for DOTA: Dragon’s Blood for the first two seasons of the show and Season 3 is expected to pick up the pace and continue the intensity that the animated series has established in the previous runs.

Studio Mir, the production studio of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood also shared the arrival of Season 3 with a tease that this installment in the franchise would be the last, “The Eye opens... and the Beginning of the End is here. #DOTA DragonsBlood Season 3 is coming!”

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood is an epic fantasy animated series based on the MOBA video game of Valve, Dota 2. It follows the Dragon Knight, Davion, who slays dragons for the safety of mankind. Eldwurm, an elder dragon, met Davion and merged his soul with the starring character. Mirana, the moon princess, joined Davion in his quest to stop Terrorblade.

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Season 3 marks the return of Yuri Lowenthal as Davion and Lara Pulver as Mirana in new challenges that they will be facing as the start of the end nears. Studio Mir produces the series with Ashley Edward Miller and Ki Hyun Ryu as the executive producers and Hang Cheong II, Steven Melching, and Eugene Lee as the producers.

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Season 3 arrives on Netflix on August 11, 2022.

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