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Does Daybreak Ever Return in Spy x Family?

Does Daybreak Ever Return in Spy x Family Daybreak

Among the minor characters of Spy x Family, Daybreak has caught the attention of fans because of his intriguing character. He made his anime debut in Episode 18 and claims to be Twilight’s rival, but after his failed mission to modify the Desmonds’ midterm exams, does Daybreak ever return in the series?

There are some Spy x Family fans who think it would be interesting to see Daybreak come back for a new mission wherein he'll have to work against Twilight.

Some also think it would be cool to see him as Nightfall’s counterpart.

Who Is Daybreak?

Who Is Daybreak
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As mentioned earlier, he debuted in Episode 18 so not much has been revealed about Daybreak's identity yet. What we do know is that he is an Ostanian spy who believes that he is Twilight's rightful rival. In the said episode, he was hired to make sure that the Desmonds fail their exam by tampering with their tests.

It turns out that even if Daybreak is untalented when it comes to being a spy, he is extremely lucky as he managed to not get caught in the act.

In the end, though, Daybreak failed his mission as Twilight reverted the Desmond brothers' answers back to the original.

Who Is Daybreak
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Regardless, Daybreak showed a refreshing side to the world of spies given that viewers normally see perfection from the WISE agents, Twilight and Nightfall.

Daybreak’s talent and luck brought entertainment and emphasized the point that not all spies are as good as the ones from WISE.

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Does Daybreak Ever Return?

Does Daybreak Ever Return Daybreak
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Based on what we've seen in the Spy x Family manga and anime so far, Daybreak has not made a comeback yet. Although, we cannot really say this for sure as the manga and anime are still ongoing.

It would be interesting to see the Ostanian spy in action again someday. Who knows? Maybe he'll have another chance to prove himself as a great spy worthy of becoming Twilight's rival.

His appearance made an impact on viewers, leading some to create theories and even ship him with Nightfall.

Some are even interested to see Twilight and Daybreak together again but preferably with Daybreak knowing that the spy he's with is indeed Twilight.

Does Daybreak Ever Return Daybreak and Twilight
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As one-sided rivals, it will be interesting to see how Daybreak acts toward Twilight and vice versa. It will also be entertaining to see the two compete to acquire information or finish a mission.

There are also those who think that he will get along well with Anya because his confidence and skills will amaze her.

For now, fans can only speculate and create imaginary scenarios. We will have to wait and see if Daybreak makes an appearance in the series again someday.

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