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Does BTS V Always Wear Makeup, And Which Products He Prefers?

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Wearing makeup is not uncommon among K-pop idols. BTS is not an exception as the members don various of it for visuals.

Among the group, Jungkook reportedly experiments the most when it comes to makeup products. This seems to be in contrast with V, who the public refers to as the “King of Visuals.

With Taehyung’s good looks and stunning styles, many wonder whether he wears makeup all the time. But, whatever the case, some are curious about the products he prefers the most.

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BTS Wears Different Makeup For Productions

BTS is known for many things inside and outside South Korea. Apart from their iconic dance moves and hit tracks, fans and followers also admire them for their “bold” fashion choices, including their makeup and style.

Cheat Sheet said that the members, including V, wear makeup, especially for their music productions. These include music videos, guest appearances, and live performances.

There is very little information about the idols’ specific makeup look preferences. But, for V, it is believed that he especially wears them when necessary, like in official engagements.

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V And His Search For The Best Products

The seven K-pop idols, despite their global fame and success, maintain their privacy. Similar to most South Korean celebrities, they do not share too much about their personal lives.

In some rare instances, especially when they do interviews, the Dynamite singers share a thing or two about their lives behind the public’s eyes. With regard to beauty and makeup products, BTS once shared about their routines and preferences in an interview with Allure.

During the engagement, V was asked about his favorite brands, as well as beauty products. He revealed, however, that he had been searching for his “absolute favorite” items. To his dismay, he had not found the right one yet, though he claimed that he was not giving up.

It remains unclear whether the BTS idol has already found his “holy grail” when it comes to makeup.

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