Does Ashito Aoi Ever Go Pro in Ao Ashi?

Does Ashito Aoi Ever Go Pro in Ao Ashi?
Credit: Production I.G.

Does Ashito Aoi Ever Go Pro in Ao Ashi?
Credit: Production I.G.

While Ashito may be a simple main character in Ao Ashi, it is entertaining to watch him climb the ladder, achieve his dreams, and change his way of life. So, does Ashito Aoi ever go pro in Ao Ashi?

Ao Ashi is one of the most popular sports anime to date. Unlike other sports anime that incorporate inhumane abilities, Ao Ashi did an excellent job of staying true to soccer realism.

It's refreshing to see how the series has been very detailed and accurate in discussing the important concepts of the sport, with its realistic approach to soccer as a whole.

Because of its in-depth outlook on the tactics, techniques, and overall psychology of the sport, it has been dubbed the most realistic soccer anime ever by some fans.

With nothing to lose, Ashito embarks on a high-stakes journey that will put his soccer potential to the test. Will he ever get a professional contract?

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Does Ashito Aoi Ever Go Pro in Ao Ashi?

Does Ashito Aoi Ever Go Pro in Ao Ashi? Content
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Credit: Production I.G.

As of this writing, Ashito is still not a pro in Ao Ashi. However, it is widely assumed that Ashito will eventually go pro.

The question now is when he will become a professional on Ao Ashi. Will he ever become one after graduating from high school, or will he attend university?

On his team, it was predicted that it would only be a matter of time before Ashito reached his peak and made a significant impression on professional teams. They also believe that not everyone on Ashito's team will make it to the professional ranks.

In any case, Ashito's goal is motivated by a compelling reason. He wants to become a pro so that he can change his family's lifestyle and make a name for himself. If this doesn't tell you something about Ashito's motivation, I don't know what will.

After all, he doesn't want to be the best soccer player in the world; he just wants to live a decent life.

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If Ashito does not give up, his soccer career will be a huge success. It would be a waste of his world-class spatial awareness if he ever gave up on the process.

This is just one of the reasons Fukuda is putting Ashito in uncomfortable situations. Ashito must learn not to be selfish by playing and scoring all by himself. His obsession with goal scoring will not help him understand the game as a whole.

Ashito is now a defender after moving from forward to defense. All of his hard work as a forward was shattered when Fukuda asked him to play a new role. The good news is that Ashito does not give up when confronted with challenges.

He is extremely adaptable, and it will only be a matter of time before he manages to impress Fukuda once more. Ashito will progress from being a finisher to a playmaker. He would be able to develop and use his vision, which would increase his enjoyment of soccer.

Nonetheless, Fukuda wants Ashito to be the first fullback who can play offense and defense simultaneously.

In the real world, landing a pro contract in the field of soccer is extremely difficult. However, if you have the talent and skills that Ashito possesses, there will be plenty of opportunities for someone to take over the J-League.

So, what are your thoughts?

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