Doctor Who Star David Tennant Addresses Kilgrave's Possible MCU Return After Jessica Jones

A few characters from the Marvel Netflix shows have been showing up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and fans are hoping this means we'll be seeing more of these familiar faces soon. The latest update suggests that Jessica Jones will make an appearance in the Disney+ series She-Hulk. So does this mean that the Purple Man will follow suit? Former Doctor Who star David Tennant addressed the possibility of Kilgrave joining the MCU.

Kilgrave was one of the most terrifying villains in the Marvel Netflix shows not because of his strength or looks. In Jessica Jones, the Purple Man was able to control people to do his bidding and he used this ability to turn Jessica into his slave for several months during which he tortured her believing he was doing it all because of love.

Jessica ultimately manages to break away from the mind control and kill the Purple Man by the end of the first season. But is there a chance that Kilgrave will get a comeback in the MCU? David Tennant was recently in attendance at Fan Expo Boston where he addressed the possibility of returning as the villain in the MCU (via Twitter).

Not surprisingly, David Tennant admitted that he was uncertain about Kilgrave's future in the MCU but not because of the character's death in Jessica Jones Season 1. Rather, Tennant pointed out that the Purple Man is a "specific" character to Jessica. Still, the Good Omens star stated that he is open to the idea of reprising the role because he's excited to see what the "talented" writers at Marvel will try.

It was previously reported that Krysten Ritter is expected to reprise her role as Jessica Jones in She-Hulk. However, the casting has not yet been officially announced. In the meantime, all episodes of Jessica Jones are now streaming on Disney+.

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