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Doctor Who: Ncuti Gatwa Gives New Whovians a Primer on the Fifteenth Doctor

In case you missed it, Doctor Who is moving to Disney+ and the show will be streamed worldwide (except in the UK) on the service next year. That means the sci-fi series will soon reach a new audience who will at first be confused about what is happening. Luckily, Ncuti Gatwa has prepared a primer for new Whovians as he introduces himself as the Fifteenth Doctor.

The official Disney+ Twitter account has just shared a fantastic video featuring Ncuti Gatwa where he answered some basic yet essential questions about Doctor Who. In the video, the Sex Education star explains that the Doctor is an “alien Time Lord with two hearts, who travels through time and space with a human companion by their side in the TARDIS.”

“The Doctor is full of optimism and hope, with a fierce sense of right and wrong. They are clever and courageous. The Doctor doesn’t carry any weapons, just a sonic screwdriver for fixing things and getting out of tricky situations. They’re full of adventure, running towards danger. But when they are fatally injured, they can regenerate,” Gatwa states.

Gatwa also spoke about his new role as the Fifteenth Doctor.

“I am so excited, but obviously it’s daunting," Gatwa said. "It’s an iconic role and show, and I’m following in some very big footsteps, but I cannot wait to put my stamp on the character. With every new Doctor comes a new beginning for the show.”

People were expecting to see Gatwa in the Doctor Who special The Power of the Doctor when Jodie Whittaker finally regenerates into her new form. However, viewers were in for a surprise when Thirteen transformed into David Tennant's Tenth Doctor instead.

For now, we don't know what happened to the Time Lord but we're looking forward to finding out next year.

Doctor Who will return in 2023. It will be broadcast on BBC in the UK and on Disney+ in the rest of the world.

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