Do Nagi and Reo End Up Together in Blue Lock?

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Do Nagi and Reo End Up Together in Blue Lock Nagi
Credit: 8bit

In Blue Lock, shipping the male characters with each other is not surprising at all. It's common in sports anime for fans to support male-to-male relationships. Reo and Nagi were given the same treatment when Episode 8 dropped the history and nature of their relationship. So, do Nagi and Reo end up together in Blue Lock?

Spoiler Warning: There are Blue Lock manga spoilers ahead that go up until the second selection!


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Does Reo Like Nagi?

Does Reo Like Nagi Mikage Reo
Credit: 8bit

Yes, Reo likes Nagi, but not in a romantic way. Nagi is his life's treasure, primarily because he has the potential to provide him with the most important thing he desires in life at the moment—a World Cup victory.

It will be easier for Reo to achieve his dream with Nagi's skills than on his own. This is why Reo is okay with Nagi becoming the program's number one player rather than himself.

Later on in the series, Reo becomes increasingly possessive of Nagi, but there are no instances that suggest it is romantic.

Reo's possessiveness stems primarily from his envy of Nagi's talent. Reo wants to keep Nagi for himself in order to try to live out his dream with him.

Does Reo Like Nagi Mikage Reo
Credit: 8bit

While some may interpret this as Reo romantically liking Nagi, it is simply the same kind of bromance that sports anime have when two male characters have a special connection with each other.

In fact, Reo prefers older and more mature women, claiming to be attracted to Hisako Manda, a real-life Japanese actress and Japan's Miss Universe 1978 representative.

He has also had previous encounters with older women, such as his teacher, who he recalls was the first person to ever confess to him due to his wealth.

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Does Nagi Like Reo?

Does Nagi Like Reo Nagi Seishirou
Credit: 8bit

Yes, Nagi likes Reo, but not romantically, just like the latter’s feelings for him.


He usually follows Reo and stays by his side wherever he goes in Blue Lock. But when the two of them, along with Team V, were defeated by Team Z, everything changed dramatically.

Apparently, Nagi doesn't like working hard on things he doesn't want to do, so Reo always makes sure that he gets some work done.

However, losing to Yoichi gave him a new perspective on soccer.

Nagi not only distanced himself from Reo by joining Yoichi and Bachira's team in the second round of selection, but he also advised Reo to evolve and keep moving forward in order to find new opportunities to improve their skills and abilities.

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Do Nagi and Reo End Up Together?

Do Nagi and Reo End Up Together Nagi and Reo
Credit: 8bit

In Blue Lock, Nagi and Reo did not end up together. Rather, as the manga progressed, they went their separate ways.

Reo is left to fend for himself after Nagi realized how badly he needs to improve.

In the program's second selection, Nagi unexpectedly joins Yoichi and Bachira's team rather than Reo's, as he usually does.

Nagi realizes by the end of their 3v3 match that Reo's style of play will always be different from his and that working together will not be enough to get them what they want.

Despite this, Nagi still considers Reo to be a friend and even respects all of his decisions while they are in the program.

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